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2019 Computex Westin special thanks

Westin 2019 Computex exhibition has ended successfully thanks for all the visitors and friends dropping by. Our three categories AI Cloud translators, Graphene power banks, & Miracast dongles definitely draws the crowd’s eyeballs. Basically we sold out all the sample prepared(Smile).

This year Westin use Sparkamplify service to improve our exposure. Via the AI recommend Press list, we are able to find the suitable influencer. Their free experience contains the premium function and easy to operate. For the excellent service, Westin would love to recommend Sparkamplify to small firms and startups with little budget to promotion. After reviewing the performance, we think we will use the service next year for exhibition exposure for sure. Good Job Sparkamplify.

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How to choose an AI Translator Part I Updated

How to choose an AI translator? Part I (Updated)

What is AI Translator?

AI Translator is a machine utilizing Big Language Data and AI to translate.

AI translator has many names, AI-Powered Translator, AI Cloud translator, the translator, Voice Translator, Artificial translator, AI hearing Aid. The only fact is they all use AI for translation. Here we take Westin’s AI cloud translator for example to explain the translation process.

As we can see on the diagram, there are four process included. All 4 processes require accessing the giant cloud database to obtain the information, compare and finally output the meaningful naturally spoken sentences that human can understand.

Do I need one way or two way types AI translator?

On the market, currently have two type of translator, one is one way, another is two way. One way translator, the usage is comparatively limited. Though one successfully translates one language and conveys the idea to others it’s not easy to get answer back. Even the response is correct but you still don’t understand. So one way translator, is for easy communication situation like, finding restroom, bargain. If you want it two ways, sorry you have to buy another one to translate back.

Two-way: apparently more intuitive. Talk then translates. Both ends can understand each other.  

How many Languages is best?

It’s all depending on your need. And most important, looking for the model actually has the language you need. Currently there are 1 to 1, 1 to N (Mostly less than three), N to N languages AI translators. No need to say the great number it has, the more convenient it could be. If the AI translator price is lower and the limited language number fits your requirement, just buy it. Otherwise the suggestion is to buy the model with more languages, since you never know when you (or your friends) need to use it.

Offline or Online?

The criteria is quite simple, if you go abroad without renting any WiFi or 3G/4G sim card, buy offline model. Otherwise, buy online model. Online model currently is still more accurate in translation performance compare to their offline translation (Some will include offline function). Anyway, offline model’s database is more limited than Cloud database due to the mechanism. If be sure that Offline model will update its offline database to the machine frequently, it would be good choice as well.

Part 2 will includes

4G/ 3G/ WiFi/ BlueTooth Which one?

Do I need a touch screen on AI Translator?

CPU 4 core, 2 core or 1 core?

What is OTA on AI translator, Do I need it?

Translate systems?

Recommend Table of AI Translator Specification
  Option 1 Option 2 Option 3
Ways Two Way☆☆☆ One Way  
Languages Belo 3 3~14 14~☆☆☆
On/Offline Offline☆ Online☆☆  
Record Translate Without Short period Long Period☆☆
Record Transcript With☆☆☆ without  
Connectivity 4G/ 3G☆☆ WiFi☆☆☆ BlueTooth
Photo translate With☆☆ without  
APP With☆ without☆☆☆  
CPU 4 Core☆☆☆ 2 Core 1 Core
Continuous OTA With☆☆☆ Without  

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(CNET)Westin’s AI Cloud translator is a handy travel communicator [June 7, 2018]

You’ll never need to learn how to say “where is the library?” again.
by Aloysius Low  June 7, 2018 2:59 AM PDT

Hands up if you’re ever in a situation where you had to mime because the person didn’t speak the same language as you — especially when you urgently needed to visit the loo.
Unlike the Google Pixel Buds with real-time translations though, Westin’s AI Cloud Translator IT040(IT041) is more old school. You press a button, say your piece, it gets translated, and the other person does the same thing after hearing what was said.
What makes this cool, however, is that the translator uses four different engines to translate 32 languages: Microsoft, Google, Baidu and Iflytek (a Chinese speech recognition firm) and then an AI picks out the best one before it gets sent to you. As you’ll need an internet connection, the IT040 has 4G and Wi-Fi built-in.


Other cool features include a standby time of 250 hours, noise-reduction microphones and a voice recording feature.
But you won’t be able to pick one for your next trip as it’s not currently available for consumers. A Westin rep told me that the IT040 is built for businesses, which will rent them out to tourists in various countries.

Manufacturer’s correction: IT040 is prototype, the new model name is IT041